Puppy Training Knoxville, TN

Puppy Training Knoxville, TN.

Bringing a puppy into your home for the first time can be one of the most joyous and frightening experiences. As an inexperienced pup owner, it is essential to remember that puppies are not miniature versions of us— they come with their own set of needs and something totally separate from our own species!

Puppy Head Start

(2 Weeks, $2000)

Bringing your new puppy home can be an incredible, exciting and rewarding experience, but equally as challenging. Our program with teach how to connect with your puppy and create a harmonious learning environment through the modern language of dog training. This foundation will give your puppy the gift of clarity, understanding and the crucial feeling of assimilation a pack animal craves, simultaneously shaping new wanted behaviors and fading out the unwanted behaviors.

Dog training Knoxville

What Does The Program Cover?

Ready to get your puppy the obedience training they deserve? Our expert-led program will lay down a strong foundation for socialization and manners, teaching them basic commands like “heel” or “place”. We’ll begin with sessions in our facility before moving on to out and about – we know it’s important for the development of the puppy that they are exposed to as many environments as possible to build strong confident puppies.

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Training Puppy Owners

After two weeks of intensive puppy training, let us show you all the brilliant things your little furry genius has learned! We’ll also give you a crash course in Puppy Parenting 101 so that your pup can continue to be as amazing and well-behaved for years to come. Think of it like launching them on their career path – we set up the launchpad and then turn them over to mission control: YOU!

Socializing Puppies

Socializing your pup is key to ensure they grow into a mature, well-rounded confident dog. To help with socialization, our puppy training offers opportunities to expose them in a positive way while under the guidance of our expert dog trainers! With our advice and suggestions on how you can positively interact outside of class too, give your little one all the tools needed for developing calmness and stability throughout adulthood – something we’re sure everyone wants from their dogs.

Puppy Problem Behaviors

If you’re bringing home a new puppy, proper training isn’t just essential—it’s key for avoiding behavioral issues down the road. Nipping and chewing on objects are natural behavior; however, puppies can quickly learn to redirect their energy with positive guidance. Our program helps eliminate problems like peeing in your house or running away while teaching owners how best to manage these behaviors in young pups!

Puppy Lessons

Puppy Training Starts The Day You Get Your Pup! Let Us Help.