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Police K9 Training

Police Dogs: 
For cops, by cops…..The dog training world is full of trainers who provide training in areas where they have very little to no actual, physical, real-world experience. The police dog sales and training forum is no different. Simply training a dog to pass a police K-9 certification and occupying space in a K-9 Unit for years doesn’t give one experience through osmosis. Having been a professional dog trainer for 25 years and spending nearly 10 years as a police dog handler, working three (3) different dogs in an environment riddled with savage criminals with no conscience who are empowered by a weak, liberal judicial system, I have been a part of hundreds of apprehensions of violent offenders. I have undisputed real-world experience.  I specifically know the genetic traits required by the dogs to thrive in this environment as well as a detailed selection and testing process to reveal strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, having trained countless K-9 teams from green to machine, I have proven training techniques that prepare the dog and handler be self-sufficient, passing certifications with ease but more importantly, preparing the team to hunt and apprehend the 1%’er

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