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Meet The Trainer

Meet The Trainer – Justin Rigney

Justin is the head trainer for K-9 Services Unlimited, as well as an active Law Enforcement Officer assigned as a K-9 Handler and Trainer for one of the largest K-9 Units in the country.   Justin has trained dogs professionally for over 25 years, studying with some of the greatest trainers around the world, and put himself and his unit in a position to rely on that training to perform in real world experiences.  Justin fundamentally understands not only what dogs need to be confident and healthy, but what it takes to make them perform to their full potential.    His foundation of high standards and expectations is a mutual respect between he and the dogs he trains; Justin has mastered creating a relationship with dogs that makes them want to perform for him, and helps handlers and owners do the same.

Whether as a Police K-9 Trainer/Officer, in Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, Protection, Agility, Service Dogs or Pet Obedience, Justin has assisted numerous Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Radio and TV Personalities, along with hundreds of pet owning families, in creating a better understanding and bond between owners, handlers, and their animals. 

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