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puppyhomeAll Breed Obedience Training and Behavior Modification:

After years of research and experience, the goal of K-9 Services Unlimited is to create a dramatic and lasting change in behavior of our client’s dogs. We have worked with a wide variety of dogs breeds and have successfully assisted clients with a large range of issues.

Our proven methods modify, correct and extinguish unwanted negative behaviors by enhancing and promoting positive behaviors through a system which meets your dogs instinctual needs. Each owner/dog situation is evaluated in their environment and it is then determined which training program is best suited for you and your pet.

protectionPersonal Protection

Statistics show that a personal protection dog is one of the most effective forms of security for you and your family. As a family watch dog, our canines are reliable, trustworthy, and provide around-the-clock peace-of-mind.
Your dog will alert you that an intruder is in the area long before your alarm system. With the push for increased gun laws, the utilization of dog protection has become more prevalent. Don’t forget… You can “recall” your dog, but not a bullet.

serviceService Dogs

We train dogs to enhance the overall quality of life for the disabled. This type of training includes, but is not limited to: Advanced off-leash obedience, extensive retrieve work, opening and closing doors, wheelchair and/or crutch awareness and movement, stability and balance, along with many other exercises customized for the specific needs of the owner.

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