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We Can help with the following with our board and train programs.

About Our Aggression Board and Train

Our aggression rehab program lasts between four and six weeks. Our trainers will work with dogs that are aggressive toward people and or other animals. This training focuses on dog growling, snarling, baring teeth, lunging, nipping and biting or even attack.

Your dog will stay with us for the duration of training. During training, we will work on obedience and control as we also work on your dog’s aggression issues. Dealing with aggressive dogs is NOT a quick fix; that is why training is much longer. Also, not all dogs can be rehabilitated. We cannot change the genetic composition, but we will give you absolute control of your dog and teach you how to handle it.

We specialize in dog and owner training

Our Programs and what we offer

Basic Obedience

On-leash obedience and clear communication

Advanced Obedience

Off-leash training and absolute control.

Puppy Training

Potty training, basic obedience, socialization and confidence.

Board and train

Let us do the work! (Our #1 Program)

Behavior Training

We can help fix your dog unwated behaviors.


We offer personalized programs for reactive dogs.

We have seen awesome results with our dog, who is a little bit of a nervous dog and 3 years old. Since completing the program, he has more confidence and we have more tools with how to handle him in all situations.
Will Coley

Justin Rigney

Expert Dog Trainer

Justin has over 25 years of professional dog training experience and was a Law Enforcement Officer for 17 years. He spent 10 years as a K-9 handler and trainer. His unique background and experience in civilian dog training and as Police service dog training sets him a part from other trainers in his field.

Location We Service

Knoxville, Tennessee

Clinton, Tennessee

Farragut, Tennessee

Greenback, Tennessee

Lenoir City, Tennessee

Loudon, Tennessee

Louisville, Tennessee

Maryville, Tennessee

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Sevierville, Tennessee

and surrounding areas


We focus on owner training as much as dog training!

At our send homes, we spend 3 to 4 hours educating you on how to become the best dog handler! After your dog graduates, we offer multiple free training opportunities to strengthen your skills! ​