Frequently Asked Questions

No, your dog will not likely forget you. Dogs have a remarkable memory when it comes to their owners. They are capable of recognizing and remembering their owner’s scent, voice, and mannerisms even after extended periods of separation. Their deep emotional bond to their owners also contributes to this strong memory. However, to maintain this connection, it’s beneficial to interact regularly with your dog through play, training, and affection. If you’re concerned about an extended absence, consider leaving something with your scent behind for your dog to remember you by.

Absolutely! We love little dogs so much, we have French Bulldogs at home. We train dogs of any age, size and breed.

As trainers at “K9 Services Unlimited”, we embrace a balanced approach to dog training. We tailor our style to cater to the specific requirements of the dog we’re working with, as we understand that no two dogs are alike. Our expertise spans a broad range of techniques, and we know that not every dog responds to the same methods. We are committed to devising a solution that aligns with the long-term objectives you envision for yourself and your dog, providing the most suitable and effective training strategy for each unique situation.

Yes, we provide specialized training for a variety of behavioral issues, including aggression, anxiety, excessive barking, and more. Each program is tailored to the individual dog’s needs.

We ensure your dog’s safety by maintaining a controlled environment during training sessions. We also limit the size of our classes to ensure each dog gets individual attention.

  1. The cost of our training programs varies depending on the specific needs of your dog and the type of program chosen. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

  1. We have numerous success stories from our past clients, which you can find on our website. Our clients often report improved behavior and a stronger bond with their pets after our training programs.

Yes, owner involvement is a crucial part of our training process. We believe that for training to be effective, it must be continued at home. We provide instructions and support to help you reinforce the behaviors your dog learns during our sessions.

While we can’t guarantee specific results due to the individual nature of each dog, we are committed to working with you and your dog until you see improvement. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to ensure that our training is effective for each dog we work with.